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In order to assure a pleasant stay for every one each owner, tenant, user and visitor of the complex Alpin Resort at Krapfstrasse 45 in Kaprun (including the common areas, apartments and other spaces), is obliged to follow the following rules:


  1. The apartments, all other spaces, appliances and other facilities should be used neatly and as a good family man and should be kept clean.
  2. Use of the common areas and facilities is entirely at your own risk. This especially applies to the use of the communal washing machine and dryer and use of the sauna with associated facilities.
  3. It is not allowed to make changes in equipment or programming of the equipment. This especially applies to the radio, TV, internet, routers, sauna, elevator, washing machine, dryer and thermostat (apart from normal temperature control).
  4. Any damage must be reported immediately to the operations manager (Question: do we have a name, address and telephone number) and must be promptly and correctly repaired by the perpetrator. If this is not done in a proper way or repair is not possible the costs of cleaning and repair will be recovered from the perpetrator by deducting the required amount from the deposit.
  5. Without permission of the owner or administrator it is not allowed to change anything within the apartments or the building including drilling or making holes in the walls or attaching, hanging or replacing posters or paintings.
  6. The front door of the building must remain closed at all times. Please check if the door is closed when leaving the building to unwanted visitors to get access to the building.
  7. Windows may only be opened to get some fresh air into the rooms. Otherwise windows should be kept closed as much as possible especially during periods when the heating is on or if there is a risk of freezing.8. It is not allowed to put bed linen and towels in the window opening or over the balustrade of the balcony or terrace.
  8. No objects may be placed in the common areas. Skis, bicycles and other sports equipment must be stowed away in the designated spaces.
  9. It is not allowed to make noise in the building and the apartments. The sound of radio, TV and the like is allowed on a sound level that can only be heard within the apartment.
  10. It is also not allowed to cause nuisance to other users of the building or apartments due to behavior or noise.
  11. Keeping pets is not allowed.
  12. Smoking in the complex, the apartments and the common areas is not allowed!
  13. Open fire or barbecue with charcoal or gas in the apartment, balcony or terrace is not allowed. Electric grill, fondue or barbecue is allowed, provided this does not cause hindrance by smoke or odor to the other residents.
  14. Waste should be separated as much as possible and should be disposed of in the separate waste bins intended for this purpose. Depositing waste in these waste bins is not allowed between 10 pm and 8 am.


  1. The tenant is requested to use the inventory correctly and carefully. If something breaks, this must be reported immediately to your rental agency (Different for each apartment add a name, address and telephone number). If possible, arrange for replacement and /or repair.
  2. The use of the apartment is entirely at the tenants own risk. The landlord does not accept any liability regarding the use of the apartment. The tenant cannot hold the landlord liable for emergencies, including damage to the building or the apartment regardless if this damage was caused weather conditions or other reasons.
  3. If up on arrival you do not find the apartment is clean enough or there are any defects or missing items, please contact immediately your rental agency (Different for each apartment add a name, address and telephone number)
  4. You are requested not to make any noise within the complex. Corridors and parking are not intended as a playground for children. It is not allowed to cause nuisance to other residents and users of the building and the apartments by behavior or noise.
  5. It is forbidden to move around with ski boots or (dirty) hiking boots outside the ski room or to enter the apartment. You can leave your ski boots or (dirty) hiking boots behind in the designated ski room the heated elements . You can put your (clean) outdoor shoes in the front porch of your own apartment to prevent the wooden floor in the apartment from getting damaged by the pebbles that often get stuck in the profile of your shoes.
  6. Although the apartment is cleaned by a cleaning service you are expected to leave the apartment after having cleaned it with the broom inside your apartment. When leaving the bed linen should be put in the hall of the apartment. Fridge, dishwasher, coffee machine and bins must be empty. Before leaving, put the refrigerator on position 0 (zero), clean it, defrost and open the door. Empty recycle bins and separate waste in the designated containers outside of the building. Put the thermostat on 15 degrees. Check if the balcony door is closed properly and if the front door is locked.
  7. If, in the opinion of the landlord or the administrator the apartment is NOT left behind neatly, the extra cleaning, or repair costs will be recovered from you.
  8. In the apartment you can find an information folder with various leaflets worth reading. Also in the main hall of the building leaflets are available.
  9. If you have any ideas or tips you would like to share, please let us know and leave a note in the back of the apartment. If there is a guestbook available in the apartment this may also be used.
  10. The sofa in the living room can be turned into a bed for 2 persons. The duvets, pillows and flannel can be found in the closets in one of the Bedrooms.
  11. Do not throw things in the toilet. Please use the garbage bins that can be found in the toilet and / or bathroom.
    Waste should be separated in accordance with the types of containers that can be found on the outside of the complex.

12.By payment of the rent and making use of the apartment, the tenant declares to be familiar with these house rules and information and declares to accept and follow them.